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BUBEC: 10,000 m2 of Creativity


On the outskirts of Praha - Řeporyje, Studio Bubec is becoming a new cultural center beyond the limits of the proper city. This project for the revitalization of the area seeks to establish a multi-purpose creative environment whose events and activities will attract visitors from all over Prague, as well as from neighboring villages.


Studio Bubec was founded by Čestmír Suška, Jan Hřebejek, and Karel Holas in the year 2000. The chief guarantor and driving force behind this public-benefit corporation is sculptor Čestmír Suška, who also serves as chairman for the Board of Directors.


Our vision


TO CONNECT the local community with artists coming from all around the world, thus actively contributing to the cultural development of Prague.

Art Safari

Residential programs


Art in public spaces


TO INSPIRE those who visit this art studio, which is situated on the edge of the Prokop Valley nature reserve

Theatre studio



Performing Arts


TO EDUCATE children, youth, and adults, helping them to develop both creativity and individuality BabyBubec

Art classes


Day camps


In 2014 we began drawing up plans to develop and revitalize the area surrounding Studio Bubec by creating an interactive sculpture park; this project under the title Bubec: 10,000 m2 of Creativity will be carried out in four phases.


Studio Development Plan 2014-2020


Phase 1: Reconstruction of existing studio in 2015 – 8.5M Kč

Phase 2: Construction of additional studio spaces – 6M Kč

              BabyBubec facility – 3.5M Kč

Phase 3: Landscaping, additional services, furnishings – 4.5M Kč

Phase 4: Cultural center – 21M Kč 

              Living accomodations – 8.5M Kč

Total: 52M Kč


In 2015 we successfully completed the first phase of the project – the reconstruction of the Bubec studio itself.


This development plan will not be feasible without financial assistance, which will provide funding for the capital costs associated with the design and construction of new studio spaces, as well as for the organizational development of the company itself.


Guarantees of the Investment Proposal:

 - the indisputable history and high-quality output of Studio Bubec activities

- the reputation and unquestionably professional standards of sculptor Čestmír Suška and Arjana Shameti, who stand as personal guarantors of the project

- the lease on the land (from the city of Prague-Řeporyje) is good until the year 2063

- the local government is a reliable partner which has supported the activities of the studio since the founding of Bubec in the year 2000; the current town council (recently elected, with a four-year term) approved the development project for the whole 10,000 m2 area

- the company is annually supported by grants from the Prague City Council, the Czech Ministry of Culture, the local governments for Prague-Řeporyje, Prague 5, and Prague 13, as well as private foundations and sponsors


Current Partners and Sponsors


Ministry of Culture Czech Republic

The Prague City Council, local city counsels in Prague 5, Prague 13, and Prague-Řeporyje

The Visegrad Fund, The Open Society Fund Prague, The Via Foundation, Czech Centres, The US Embassy

Čestmír Suška and Arjana Shameti – 1M Kč

Veronika a Libor Winklerovi - 5M Kč (for the reconstruction of Studio Bubec)

Local businesses and individuals – see www.bubec.com for a complete listing


Project Support


- one-time financial gift

- non-financial support in the form of material donations

- participation in cultural programs

- benefit dinners and fundraising events

- purchase of artwork in support of the activities of Bubec, o.p.s.

- media partnership


Other Opportunities for Cooperation with Bubec o.p.s.


- renting of studio space for artistic creation

- renting of studio space for film, advertising, photography

- renting of artwork

- expert assistance in designing and creating interior and exterior spaces

- professional consultation on the establishing and building of art collections

- organization of cultural events, both on-site and off

- workshops, lectures, cultural education

- experiential events for companies – team-building




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